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Dear Glazer-Kennedy Insider's CircleTM Member,

There are a number of very good reasons we're publishing this ADDITIONAL NEWSLETTER - and why those already receiving it are so thrilled and enthusiastic about it. But let me get right to the most important reason. This publication is about, Where the money is and how to get it!

We are in the midst of a demographic revolution, with the peak of the baby boomer population, the emerging mass-affluent and other trends and changes --- all converging to produce a new "Spending Class" of consumers that need to be understood and targeted - by you! Contrary to all the gloom 'n doom you're buried in daily by a mentally ill media determined to sell recession, something unique, dynamic and potentially, enormously beneficial has been occurring, is occurring right now, and promises to continue for the next 10 years, .which could be THE income, wealth and quality-of-business-life breakthrough for you. It is the EXPLOSION OF AFFLUENCE in the U.S. and abroad, .the BOOM in luxury spending, .the SKYROCKETING DEMAND for "premium" service and cheerful willingness to pay for it. This "special buying behavior" is concentrated in a minority - but a very significant minority - of consumers, ..and IF you know who they are, where they are, what they desire, what they respond to and how to effectively connect your business with them, you can prosper WILDLY, like never before! (this is the TOP PRIORITY that I've been working with my private clients on for the past 3 years. Now I'll gladly guide you on this ultra-profitable path too.)

“The Marketing To The AFFLUENT Letter has motivated me to create a second business….a 2nd location…a total revolution to our business and anything anyone in my industry is doing! In the July issue ALONE, on page 2, the two ideas = $24,000.00+ extra to us….on page 8, that worth $72,000.00+. Not bad return from this subscription. "

Diamond Luxury, Peak Performers
Terra Haute, Indiana

For example, did you know that 22% of U.S. households have over 55% of all earned income. Hear it again: more than half of the income is concentrated in one of five households. Surely it must be easier to profit selling to the 1 in 5 than to the 4 in 5. Not necessarily easier to sell, but easier to profit.

The 1-in-5 group is: roughly 200% more likely to own or lease 4 or more cars per household; 50% more likely to own at least one new model year car; 200% more likely to rack up cell phone tabs exceeding $100 a month; 200% more likely to own laptops or handhelds; read twice as many magazines but watch less TV; spend 250% more going to the movies. The 1-in-5's invest in real estate other than their own principal residence, make other investments and more diversified investments at a 400% multiple. More than 25% of this 'elite' group own two or more personal residences (buying twice as much house stuff and clothing), and make 204-million flights a year on commercial airlines. Their average yearly expenditures are: $47 for books, $785 for kitchen gadgets, $1,303 for furniture, $788 for jewelry - and they outspend members of the 4-in-5 group in every one of these categories and just about all others. By the way, 28% play golf, 97% own a home, they aren't renters, 67% shop online and 33% refuse to do so. (Source: Mendelsohn Affluent Survey,

If you would love to attract BETTER customers, to sell at above par, premium prices and ENJOY GREATER PROFITS; if you would like to get really, really rich, you need to understand where the real money is - then go there and get it. That sounds elementary, I suppose, but I daily see the vast majority of marketers FAILING TO FOLLOW THIS MOST PROFITABLE PATH, ..out of ignorance, misunderstanding, fear, busyness. If I can FOCUS YOU on successfully attracting and selling to the most affluent clientele possible, you will automatically develop a better, stronger, more lucrative business or sales career - and I most certainly can do that for you!

Never Before Have There Been So Many Grand Opportunities
To Multiply Your Income By Selling To
The Fast-Emerging, Financially Strong AFFLUENT Population

Opportunities to "trade up", .to "upgrade" your clientele, to re-arrange your business, its presentation of products, services and prices to attract upscale, more freely spending consumers have never been better. The retailers' antidote to big box stores, the professional's antidote to cheap price competitors, the service companies' antidote to cheap discounters and bait 'n switchers is ---- the customer for whom price is NOT the issue. You need to understand them, , ..realize how abundant and plentiful they are (possibly contrary to your own limited perception), ..and learn to target and attract them, .N-O-W.

Personally, I invest over $15,000.00 a year on specialized business and marketing newsletters, research reports, and otherwise acquiring current information just about marketing to the rich and the new, emerging, fast-growing 'mass affluent' markets. Rather than keep the net result of all my sifting, sorting, assembling and analyzing of information to myself and a few private clients, in July of 2005 I began sharing a synthesis of it all every other month via this 'boutique' Marketing To The AFFLUENT Letter... devoted EXCLUSIVELY to three purposes: expanding your awareness of the size, scope, breadth, growth and buying behaviors of the expanding affluent market segments, ..two, helping you understand their UNIQUE psychology, buying motives, decision-making factors, reasons for preferring one seller over others, whether for groceries and dry cleaning or investing counsel or luxury goods and experiences, .and three, through copywriting examples, "field trip" reports, in-depth research analyzed, and other examples, showing you how to adapt your business and your presentation of it to be attractive to more affluent customers.

"As a financial planner, my income increases proportionately with the affluence of my clients. Your Marketing To The Affluent Letter has been PRICELESS! – in helping me, prodding me, reminding me of the importance of and paths to affluent clients. In fact, my revenue has more than doubled this year alone!"

Diamond Luxury Member
Columbia, South Carolina

Now, may I share with you a MAJOR SECRET that has been of enormous benefit to me personally, to many of my clients, and most recently, to the earliest subscribers to the No B.S. Marketing To The AFFLUENT Letter? Here's the Secret: Who you "bring through your door" governs your income and wealth creation more than any other factor. Yet, most businesspeople still, sloppily market broad and wide, taking anybody, targeting no one. Why not STRATEGICALLY integrate everything you do to CHOOSE AND OBTAIN "SUPERIOR QUALITY" customers????

This IS Really About Acquiring The 'IDEAL' Customer,
Client or Patient.

Ideal because they are not price or fee resistant. Price matters, but never as a determining factor. And, because birds of a feather do flock together, and because the higher up the ladder of affluence you go, the more they tend to require referrals or peer endorsement to choose a seller, one of these customers is worth a high multiple over your median or average customer. (Actually, fewer than 10% of consumers make buying decisions primarily or solely based on price. But - ready for this? - there are more than 20% of consumers who NEVER, NEVER, NEVER make buying decisions governed by price. Never. Surely you'd want to know EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY COULD about THOSE customers - who are they? Where are they? How can you reach them?)

Then, what should you pay for my expert guidance in reaching these exception all valuable buyers?

In most kinds of businesses, the LCV (Lifetime or Long-Term Customer Value) for one such ideal customer must exceed $600.00, probably more like $6,000.00+. So, just one customer gained as a result of the specialized information and instruction in this Letter can reimburse the entire subscription for a full year, three years, five years, maybe even ten years. Isn't it impossible to hear from me and my hand-picked experts and luxury marketing 'winners' twelve times during the year and fail to have it produce one great customer????

NOTE: You will receive the complete "No B.S. Marketing-To-The-Mass-Affluent Letter" six times a year (every other month) and alternating months you'll receive The Luxury Marketing BONUS "HOT" SHEET with your No B.S. Marketing Letter "Gold Member" package.

But you need not pay the $600.00 fee set up for non-Members - although at $600.00 a year, this specialized information would still be a fabulous bargain. And you'd be foolish to balk at that as the fee. After all, upgrading your clientele is probably THE most valuable "project" you could invest in. However, you need not pay $600.00 to access all this, .

You Can Still Subscribe At The Lowest Fee Offered
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A Gold Member may add this to their Membership at just $29.97 per month. Diamond Members or higher may add it at just $19.97 per month. Simply click on the link below to add this to your Membership (Note: you will not be charged this upgrade fee until the second month. This offer will not last and the low Member rate is going to increase soon, but you are "locked in" and guaranteed against any increase for at least 2 years!).

Of course, one "big spender customer" gained for just about any business repays this small investment. But the value consideration here goes far beyond break-even. You have to look at it as hiring me and my team to gather, sift, sort and share relevant information with you, not just as paying for pages of paper and ink. If you do, then you'll obviously agree that to have me advise you on marketing to the mass-affluent and affluent for about six hours a year, for this small fee is indeed a bargain. (If consulting, that would cost you a day's fee, currently $16,800.00. So think of it as approximately a $16,500.00 discount.)

And there's a special tele-seminar that I recently conducted JUST FOR NO B.S. MARKETING TO THE AFFLUENT subscribers... with our special guest, Susan Adams - which I will give you to for FREE with your upgraded Membership.

Susan Adams is a former Learjet sales star, the first woman to be a top performer in sales for Bombadier Aerospace, .a leader in fractional jet ownership sales. She has sold to high net worth consumers, celebrities and corporate CEO's, golfed with David Duval and raced cars with Bobby Rahal - and spoken to audiences worldwide about 'selling to millionaires.' Her specific strategies for securing appointments; for joint venture promotions; for referrals, and her unique, up-close insights into the buying motivations and behavior of the rich and famous can lead you to new markets, new opportunities and new methods. Susan works with companies large and small, devising "game plans" for upgrading clientele and connecting with exceptionally desirable, exceptionally affluent buyers. On this Tele-Seminar, you'll hear Susan share lessons from her successful experiences and clients' experiences selling to the rich.

What, exactly, is in the No B.S. Marketing To The AFFLUENT Letter? I personally prepare every Issue myself. Issues include a lot from me but also, from time to time, material from other contributors, from our own Members/subscribers who are successfully marketing to these target groups in interesting ways, from recognized, leading experts and authorities on 'luxury marketing' in a wide variety of fields. Each 8-Page Issue contains news, commentary, resources, how-to strategies, examples, often a 'Big Lesson' and/or case history and/or a 'Field Trip Of The Month.' Almost all of what is included in this publication does NOT appear in any of the other Glazer-Kennedy newsletters or inserts. This is entirely "my baby." It pulls together my accumulated and on-going, current and expensive research into trends involving boomers and affluent boomers, affluent mid-life divorcees and "cougars", affluent families, the new "mass-affluent" (2/3rds of the middle class moving up), ultra-affluents all the way into the Forbes 400, affluent entrepreneurs and business owners, affluent gays and lesbians - a matrix of special target markets, converging demographic trends, especially lucrative opportunities. It covers EVERY kind of product, service and business... gourmet foods to financial services to music lessons to info-marketing to, honestly, you name it! It is 100% experience based (not academic theory). And it's concise; a quick read; easy to pull out and use action items and examples.

Who MUST subscribe? Anyone with strong, serious interest in reaching more affluent, less price conscious customers or clients, with more precise target marketing, more appropriate and welcomed messages. Certainly this includes, .

  • Financial advisors and investment professionals
  • Dentists, chiropractors, other health care professionals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Luxury Goods Retailers
  • Those Marketing To Parents
  • Kitchen and Home Remodelers
  • B2B sales professionals - to entrepreneurs or executives
  • Attorneys
  • Artists & Photographers
  • Jewelers
  • Home Service Businesses
  • Architects
  • Mortgage Brokers

... here are just a few of the thousands of smart, successful Glazer-Kennedy Members already reaping the benefits of the No B.S. Marketing To The AFFLUENT Letter:

"I guess you could say I'm a Member who does it all. Diamond, Peak Performers, etc. The biggest benefit I've gotten from your Marketing To The AFFLUENT Letter is a thorough understanding – and acceptance – of the power of price elasticity. Every Issue pounds it into my head a little more; just how much money there really is out there, what we are leaving on the table. In fact, since I first subscribed in late 2005 to now, I have nearly quadrupled my prices, and the business just keeps pouring in."

Diamond Luxury, Peak Performers
Vancouver B.C.

Why wouldn't you subscribe? A legitimate reason would be complete, utter and total incongruency with your business. If you own dollar stores, for example. Otherwise, the reasons to say 'no' are, frankly, probably mistakes. Some fear trying to sell to the affluent. Some foolishly insist there are none in their area. Some are too lazy to do anything with the information. Some are too disorganized to capitalize on information. Some too cheap. Only you can decide into which group you fit!

Of course, our very first subscribers, when this was offered for the first time - racing to their FAX machines to get this information - were our "superstars", .Gold and mostly Diamond Members or higher who really "Get It," who are vociferous acquirers and users of information, who make more money with greater ease each and every time they pay attention to me, .many, the Members you read about again and again in The No B.S. Marketing Letter, who never miss a Diamond call, never miss an event, .and keep getting smarter, faster, more adept, and richer month after month, year after year. You'll wind up reading about them in this Letter too. Their behavior is neither coincidental nor accidental, but causative of their success. Again, you get to decide which group you prefer being part of.

YOU MUST ACT NOW - NOT to miss another Issue - NOT to miss out on the
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Just click on the link below to upgrade. We'll automatically charge you the low Insider's CircleTM Member price, only $29.97 a month for Gold Members or $19.97 for Diamond or higher level Members. Anytime you want to cancel your subscription, simply give us a call at 410-951-0147, fax us a note at 410-825-3301, or email us at and my office will STOP charging your credit card immediately. You must be completely satisfied. If not, I want you to cancel your subscription to this specialized newsletter.

This is THE opportunity to be with me as I turn more of my attention and focus to a particular type of customer or client. Those who have really been with me while I've been focusing on a particular type of marketing have prospered enormously. In more recent years, those who've been with me while I've focused more on a particular set of entrepreneurial skills and behaviors have prospered even more. Now you can be with me as I focus on a particular type of customer or client, on a market segment.

"Your Marketing To The AFFLUENT Letter is an invaluable resource for anyone tired of competing on price! I have been a subscriber since the first Issue, and I and my clients benefit month after month. One specific example: a campaign I did for a high-end land developer, inspired by an example your Letter, boosted response by over 210% over the previous year's effort."

professional copywriter
Diamond Luxury Member
Calgary, Alberta

Also, in this context, we will naturally be looking at the entire subject of 'price' and 'presentation of price.' Those of you who have paid attention to what I've preached and shown and even invented regarding price, presentation, raising prices have already fattened your bank accounts. Many are charging 200% to 1,000% more for their services and goods than they imagined possible. If you were with the 600 or so Members who attended my PRICE/PROFIT/POWER DAY immediately following the SuperConference in April, you heard firsthand from a number of Members reporting in amazing price and profit breakthroughs, .like Wayne Story, with an online business selling home furnishings, Alex Nghiem, coaching real estate investors, and many more. You saw the PROOF that different price strategies can send sales and income soaring, even in situations where selling at higher prices seems counter-intuitive. Well, believe it or not at the moment, I am confident, no, certain there's still opportunity to increase your profit margins even more, as we focus on more precise target marketing to affluent and mass-affluent buyers.

Don't let this "giant wave of opportunity for prosperity" come and go, while you sit far away as a spectator, watching, marveling at its majestic force! C'mon in. The water's fine!


Dan S. Kennedy

PS: Maybe you think that now - with high gas prices, real estate downturn, foreclosures, election uncertainties, "recession" as news media's favorite topic - isn't the best time to be aiming at affluent customers, raising prices, experimenting with new strategies. WRONG. If you believe in, are actually seeing and feeling recession, you need to know that there is a group of customers LEAST AND LAST AFFECTED by the moaning, groaning, whining, and actual "pain at the pump". There are buyers for everything untainted and undeterred by economic doldrums. That's why it's TIMELY & VITALLY IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW to "re-direct" your attention to these buyers. That's precisely why we have sent this invitation to you at this time, made this special, extra effort to call your attention to the No B.S. Marketing To The Affluent Letter that - for some reason - you have not been receiving.

Your SURVIVAL could depend on this information if we do face bigger, more dangerous economic storms in the months, year or couple of years ahead. My guidance delivered exclusively through this Letter could make all the difference for you... have you smiling and whistling a happy tune even while you are surrounded by peers and competitors weeping, wailing and knashing their teeth. NOW IS THE TIME to get serious and as smart as possible about marketing to the financially strong, affluent buyers for your goods, services, expertise.

PPS: I must also suggest you make one other, small investment in your new commitment to "going where the abundance is", addition to joining our smartest Members by subscribing to the No B.S. Marketing To The Affluent Letter... I humbly suggest you rush to your local bookstore, or and obtain (or if need be, advance order) a copy of my newest book, NO B.S. GUIDE TO MARKETING TO THE AFFLUENT. It's a giant; nearly 400 pages; with 44 concise chapters full of examples, illustrations, exclusive interviews and real business case histories, epic "Crash Course" in the Who-What-Where-When-and-Why of the various affluent target markets and the strategies being used most successfully to attract them.

A quick read of this book can begin our on-going conversation and work together, .and will definitely open your eyes W-I-D-E to grand, new, exciting opportunities. If you could use a big injection of optimism-with-reason right about now, about your business, get this book! Joe Vitale, seen in 'The Secret', author of the great book on Barnum, There's A Customer Born Every Minute, and of The Attractor Factor, puts it very directly:

"Dan's book is the first to REVEAL the DIRECT ROUTE to the affluent's bank vault. He shows you how to open it and withdraw bags of loot, legally and joyfully. His is a SYSTEM for getting more than your fair share of the wealth the affluent are willing and even EAGER TO SPEND."

Maybe the very idea of dealing with customers, clients or patients who are EAGER TO SPEND seems foreign to you - right up there with aliens from outer space dropping by for afternoon tea or unicorns grazing in your backyard. But I assure you, these 'eager to spend... happy to spend... premium price customers' are out there in great and growing abundance. WILL YOU LET ME LEAD YOU TO THEM? Get my book. Subscribe to the Letter. And don't miss my Selling-To-Millionaires Tele-Seminar CD with Susan Adams, only for Marketing To The Affluent Letter Subscribers.