Once You Discover These Conversion Boosting Secrets, You’ll Be Adding New Customers At The Velocity Of A Category 5 Hurricane!

“Discover The 8 ‘Profit Tweaks’ That 98% Of People Leave Out Of Their Copy That’ll Allow You To Attract More Of Your Ideal Customers, Clients, And Patients, …Even If You SUCK As A Writer!”

Discover The Truth About Copywriting That Most People Will NEVER Know… And It Has NOTHING To Do With Writing Skills, “Killer” Phrases, Or Power Words.

Best Part? We’ll Take You Through A Real Life Campaign Showing These Elements In Action So You Can Swipe And Deploy Them For Yourself!

Dear Renegade Entrepreneur,

Listen up: What I’m about to tell you is something that most business owners will NEVER know about writing copy… and if YOU implement these elements in your own copy, it could be a real gamechanger for you.

Just think about sending out an email, postcard, or driving people to a website, and getting them to yank out their wallet, raise their hand, and give you money.

And imagine experiencing the certainty and consistency most business owners will never DREAM of.

Best part? You don’t have to write worth a DARN. That’s right…you don’t have to be personally trained by John Caples, David Ogilvy or myself to create copy that sells over and over again.

I’ve made a fortune as a copywriter. More on that in a second. But I don’t possess any skills or talent that you don’t already have. Nor did I go to some fancy-schmancy “copywriting school” either.

Here’s one of the most jealously-guarded secrets only the “heavy-hitters” will EVER admit:

The Actual “Writing” In Copywriting Plays An Extremely SMALL Part In Getting Your Ideal Customer, Clients, And Patients To Yank Out Their Wallets And Buy!

Now I know a lot of those so-called “copywriters” who talk big on the Internet about how much their copy “sucks in cash” will think I’m saying a bunch of BULL.

But as you’ll see later, the REAL “guts” in a sales letter is the stuff you have to do BEFORE you ever type a single word.

You see, most people totally BOTCH this up and they will NEVER get it right. They’ll fuss over stupid stuff like “what font to use” and miss the BIG picture.

Heck, even if you work with a professional copywriter now, you MUST know this stuff so you can make sure it’s in there…

Why? Because some “ho-hum” copywriters not well versed in GKIC teachings will skip over these important steps and just try to whip up a sales letter for you – causing you to miss out on BIG profits.

And if you’re just getting started in your business or with writing copy, YOU NEED THIS! Believe me, this stuff will save you months, if not years, of trial and error…

You’ll avoid flushing money down the toilet on campaigns that don’t work. And banging your head on the wall wondering why that postcard, mailer, website, script, or sales letter is bombing.

Imagine this: Being able to send out a sales letter, e-mail, or postcard “at-will” and get people to respond – and then just sitting back and watching the money roll into your bank account.

Listen, I’m not the best writer in the world. I didn’t go to school for this stuff and I don’t possess any voodoo magic powers.

I’m just a regular guy who’s been at this for 40 years and has learned a thing or two about writing profit-producing copy…

I Know What Summons A Swarm Of Willing Buyers… And It Has NOTHING To Do With “Pretty Words” And “Fancy Graphics”

Let me be blunt… My private clients have raked in a collective $1 billion thanks to these secrets you’re about to discover. It’s probably more than that by now, but that’s what I can take credit for.

I am also the “go to” guy for many info-marketers. 80% of my clients come back again and again because they get results.

Now I’m a pretty humble guy and don’t say that to brag… I say it to make the point that this stuff works!

And it could work for you, too...that is, if you know the secrets.

It’s the same stuff I implement in sales letters clients pay me up to $100,000 to wrote…but here GKIC is going to give it to you for a song.

Now, there’s no easy button. You’re going to have to work a little. It’s just like school work – if you don’t put in the hours studying and skip the homework, you’re not going to pass the test.

But if you take action, do the work and you WILL reap the benefits.’

Now you might be wondering:

“Dan, why in the world would you divulge these secrets when you can make $100,000 each time you use them in a sales letter?”

Easy. I’m a pretty DAMN good copywriter, but I believe copywriting is a learned skill. And it’s the most important skill you can EVER learn for the sake of your business.

And I know there’s a bunch of CRAP being spewed around by so-called “experts” who don’t have the experience to back up their empty words.

You know my story. And now it’s time for GKIC to do something they’ve NEVER done before:

I Decided To Reveal The Top 8 “Profit Tweaks” You Can Make To ANY Advertisement That’ll Account For 80% Of Your Results!

Listen: The Pareto Principle says that only 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your results… and that has never been truer than with copy.

Many copywriters putz around with with juggling words and moving around phrases, hoping and praying they’ll accidently stumble upon the “perfect” sales message…..

….but unless they know these 8 “Profit Tweaks”, they will miss the mark every single time.

If they focused less on writing sexy power words and “hypnotic” phrases, and more on the 8 BIG “gamechangers” in any ad, it would make a world of difference with their copy… and in the results.

I don’t want you to make that same mistake!

So GKIC decided to take my 40 years’ worth of copywriting experience and put on a concentrated, power-packed copywriting clinic at one of our $2500-per-head SuperConferencesTM.

And now here it is for YOU:


Cash Copy Clinic

Dan, you had me at the word “Cash” – I’m in! Send Me

CA$H COPY CLINIC is content-packed video program that will set you up for success with the tools you NEED to create great, cash-sucking copy. You could be writing stellar copy in the time it would take you to watch a mindless show like “Jersey Shore…”

Heck, you could listen to the audio version during your commute… or while mowing the lawn. We even include the transcript AND the original presentation materials so you can read it anytime you want.

And because this is a “down and dirty” course, you can go through it again and again… whenever you need a refresher.

Now this is NOT a “How To Write A Great Headline” course. Nor is it a “Quick Fix” type of product.

There’s some work involved. CA$H COPY CLINIC is designed to go through in just 1 hour, point out what’s missing in your copy, or get you started on the right foot.

That way you won’t have to make the same mistake most people have.

You’ll be amazed at how simple and important this stuff is and don’t be surprised if you have a “duh, I should have thought of that” moment or two.

This is truly going to improve the way you write copy. Why? Because you’ll be focusing on triggers that makes people buy…and NOT just futzing around with what “power word” to use.

But we don’t stop at just the 8 “Profit Tweaks”

We’ll Go Through A Real-Life Campaign So You Can See These 8 Profit Tweaks In Action!

This course isn’t just a “talking head” telling you what to do and then leaving you on your own.

We’ll take you through an entire campaign and show you everything that was used …so you can swipe and deploy for your own business.

Think about it: that certainly beats starting with a blank slate each time you need copy. That’s just DUMB.

CA$H COPY CLINIC isn’t about just teaching… It’s DOING!

Don’t ever suffer from Writer’s Block again! Gary Halbert once said in one of his newsletters that the #1 way you can banish writers block is to “write, write, write!”

With CA$H COPY CLINIC, you’ll be able to shortcut your time by taking these examples and running with them, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business, make more money, and have more time off (now wouldn’t that be nice?)

And you’ll be so much less frustrated because you won’t suffer through trial and error that “everyone else” has to endure. That’s just for losers!

I’m Ready To Invest Just Over An Hour Improving My Copy. Send Me This Course Now!

Here’s Just SOME Of The Cash-Sucking Strategies
You’ll Discover In This Kick-Butt Course!

  • Why writing the actual copy is only a small part of developing copy that sells—this will immediately leapfrog over your competition and make it easier to sell your “thing” than you’ve ever thought possible!
  • The #1 secret to writing copy that will send your customers into a buying frenzy (it’s like getting the keys to Fort Knox!)
  • How to identify and market to your ideal customers so you’re not wasting money on widespread, unnecessary marketing (this will save you time, money, and heartache!)
  • The key to uncovering the emotional triggers that compel customers to pull out their wallets and give you money… over and over again. These are the time-tested and PROVEN secrets that have been used by the direct response masters over decades!
  • How to get your prospects to utter the “magic phrase” to themselves – driving them to gladly do business with you (this is stuff MOST marketers will NEVER know!)
  • What most people DON’T do when writing copy that causes them to watch their advertising dollars circle down the drain…never to come back!
  • The #1 thing you NEED to do if you have any hopes of selling anything in your sales letter (you might as well not even send the letter out if you don’t do this!)
  • The “A-Ha” factor that most entrepreneurs miss with their sales messages – do this and your prospects will be wrapped around your little finger!
  • The top-secret way to get your prospects to take action RIGHT NOW so you can see profits roll in quickly…it’s easier than you think!
  • What you absolutely must know about your prospects – get this right and they’ll be putty in your hands throwing money at you!
  • How to “un-complicate” your sales process so prospects see how easy it is to do business with you…this is THE secret to generating more customers, clients, and patients quickly!
  • The key to getting your customers, clients, and patients to trust you over ANY competitor…this is the #1 secret that has allowed me to keep customers for 15-20 years and MORE!
  • The two “magic” types of testimonials that will get prospects to truly identify with your product or service – it’ll be like fishing from a stocked pond!
  • How the right headline can suck cash in like an expensive vacuum cleaner – adding to your bottom line, FAST!
  • The magic formula for starting your sales letter that’ll keep your prospects hanging on every word…don’t bang your head against the wall trying to figure out what to write—just do this!
  • How to “hook” your prospect even if they don’t read your entire sales letter…this untold trick is RARELY used by even the most battle-tested copywriters on the planet!
  • The key to uncovering ways to keep your sales message personal and build credibility in the process – without sounding sappy!
  • The tricks to keeping your mailing campaigns fresh but familiar to the readers – getting them to read each one and moving them closer to handing over their money
  • The secret to having a Call To Action that can move your prospects from “Not Right Now” to “Let me have it!” Most marketers have piss-poor closes, and this quick fix will remedy that.
  • ...And a whole LOT more!!

Okay, I Get It! I Want To See The Results Of Improved Copy. Send Me This Course Now!

So How Much Are These 8 Conversion-Boosting Profit Tweaks Worth To You?

See, if you send out a promotion via direct mail or online, you’re most likely going to see some kind of a response. You’ll always get a certain number of people to take action.

But, unless John Carlton or I wrote your letter (or some other great copywriter), you’re most likely missing 2 or 3 of these tactics… and you are probably losing out on money because of it!

You see, it only takes one bullet point, one sentence, or one selling point to turn a “looky-loo” into a buying customer, so…like a battleship getting ready for a war, you’ll want to stock up on as much selling weaponry as possible.

And think about this… If you take action and make the small investment in CA$H COPY CLINIC, you could recoup your money QUICKLY Just by adding 2-3 customers, clients, or patients over what you have now…

Just A 0.1% Increase In Response
Can Get You Your Money Back In No Time!

…depending on what you’re selling. With that in mind… it would make sense that I’d charge a big load of money for this, especially considering people pay $18,800 for a day with me.

And this is 40 years of experience compiled into an actionable course… ready for you to “fill in the blanks” and take off with it.

So if we asked $697 for this course, you might start pulling out your credit card to pay it…

… But we’re not asking $697 for this “big things come in small packages” program.

We’re not even asking $497 – though it would be worth every penny.

You’re gonna get this secret formula for finding prospects, creating copy designed just for them, and enjoying their repeat business for years to come for just $297.$197

Yep, you read it right. Just $297 and a little over an hour of your time and you’ll be leaps and bounds above your competition when it comes to writing copy.

Think about it… You’ve probably spent $297 $197 on Starbucks, eating out, and other non-essentials in the past month. Why not spend that on something that’s going to make you a LOT of money… invest it instead of spend it?

And you’re not just investing in the course…you’re investing in your business…your future…adding predictability and certainty to your bank account.

You’ll be at the enviable “income at will” position I enjoy daily. All you’ll have to do is send out a sales letter, postcard, or some type of pitch that promises to solve A HUGE problem…or fulfill a HUGE desire in your prospect…

…and your bank account will get fatter. I know this sounds like a BUNCH of hype, but ask my many clients who have make tens of thousands of dollars…all thanks to masterful copy that compels prospects to tell themselves “I want that!”

Heck, you can make that money back with just ONE of these profit tweaks. If you sell 10 more ebooks, get one more client, or one extra patient; you’ve already gotten your investment back…and more!

So don’t wait: Get started so you can enjoy your new-found cash!

CA$H COPY CLINIC Is Guaranteed To Work For You, Improving Your Copy And Increasing Your Conversions… Or It’s FREE!

Now, I have NEVER once sold ANYTHING of mine without a proper guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

CA$H COPY CLINIC is THE answer to improving your current and future copy… increasing your conversions and attracting new riches.

And to those who are just getting started: CA$H COPY CLINIC will absolutely SAVE you from the headaches of trial and error.

But if you just don’t see the value in these 8 Steps, the “real-life” campaign walk through, and the marketing templates, you are welcome to return it within 365 days for a full and fast refund.

That’s right, you have 365 days to implement the tools included in this content-rich program. And if for some reason, or no reason at all, you are NOT convinced CA$H COPY CLINIC will help you, just call the GKIC Concierge at 1-800-871-0147 and they’ll take care of your refund.

Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed one day and decide to send it back, you can… just call.

The reason I can offer such a generous guarantee is because I am SO confident that if you take action on the secrets in CA$H COPY CLINIC, you’ll get your investment back and will want to refer to this program again and again!

What Do I Have To Lose With Your Fail-Safe Guarantee?

You Can Settle For “So-So” Results In Your Conversions…
Or You Can
Take Action RIGHT NOW!

You know as well as I do… winners take action! Losers don’t… and that guarantees their losing streak will continue.

Every time you send out a sales message, you are sending out a “mini salesperson.” And don’t you want your salespeople to be top-notch?

Your copy is the conduit that connects your product or service to your prospects. Miss the mark, and it doesn’t matter how “great” your product or service is…you’ll get extremely frustrated and might even throw in the towel and give up.

Remember, you have NOTHING to lose here. You get 365 days to implement CA$H COPY CLINIC into your business. And if you don’t make your money back in that year…or even in a month…then you can send it back.

This hour-long program isn’t going to take much of your time but that hour may be just what you need to expose the “holes” in your copy…

…holes that could be costing you money now and in the future.

C’mon… It just takes an hour to go through. But that hour could lead to a HUGE profit windfall for you.

Perhaps you’ll see where you accidentally left out a key detail in your pitch. Or you didn’t know the importance of some of the 8 profit tweaks. It’s not your fault…you just didn’t know it.

And let’s face it…what you don’t know…you don’t know.

But I do… And those 40 years of wisdom are shared with you in CA$H COPY CLINIC.

You simply cannot ignore the importance of your copy… I know because I’ve spent my career perfecting the copywriting craft and, trust me, I know the consequences of crappy copy.

So who from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross are you going to be…Ed Harris’s character Moss who drives a Hyundai to and constantly questions his status and doubts himself…

…or Alec Baldwin’s character Blake…tough-talking and confident…who makes $970,000 and drives an $80,000 BMW….

…and has the selling chops to bank $15,000/night with even the worst leads?

Hit the “Add To Cart” Button to get started with CA$H COPY CLINIC and see for yourself how improved copy can help you convert better, gaining you more customers, clients, and patients…and CA$H!

Yes Dan!I Want To Spend Just Over An Hour Improving My Copy Thanks To These 8 Simple Profit Tweaks So I Can See A Big Boost In Business!

  • I realize that writing great copy is the best skill I can have as a business owner, marketer, and entrepreneur…and even if I hire someone to write copy for me, I need to at least know the “basics” so I know if he/she did a good job for me.
  • I know that I’m tapping into your 40 years of experience studying prospective customers, clients, and patients with this course…and I won’t have to go through the same trial, error, and heartache you had to go through to discover these secrets.
  • I also know that I have 365 days to use CA$H COPY CLINIC — and see for MYSELF how better copy leads to better profits. And I know I can always return it within the year for a FULL REFUND for any reason at all!
  • …. I’m ready! Please ship me my copy of CA$H COPY CLINIC so I can spend just over an hour investing in the future of my business--adding predictability and certainty like I’ve never had before!

Dan Kennedy’s “CA$H COPY CLINIC”

Cash Copy Clinic

Only $297! $197

Dedicated To Growing Your Income,

Dan S. Kennedy

P.S. 98% of people (that includes your competition!) will NEVER discover the 8 simple copywriting “profit tweaks” Don’t be one of the 98%---take action today and claim your copy of CA$H COPY CLINIC and be on your way to getting more customers, clients, and patients and watching your income SKYROCKET!

P.P.S. Oh and another thing… If you’re thinking these strategies won’t work for your business… that your business might be “too different” from the “Real-Life” scenarios used in this course, you might be limiting yourself. The psychology and triggers that motivates prospects to buy is the same in ANY business…so if you’re in the “selling” business, you’ve GOT to have this!

P.P.P.S.And remember, your purchase is completely backed up by my very generous 365 day guarantee. It’s like getting to review this powerhouse program for FREE! Try it, and if you don’t get your money back quickly with your next promotion…and if you really don’t think CA$H COPY CLINIC is for you, just call the GKIC Concierge at 1-800-871-0147 and you’ll receive a full refund… It’s that simple!